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Jack Reed/guitar and vocals/: Rooted in the soul and spirit of sound and dedicated to the truth and authenticity of improvisational jam, Jack will magnify your musical experience with transcendent melodies and natural grooves. He describes music as the conduit through which the heart and soul is translated to the world, and he aspires to create such a transaction with each performance. His fluid, sometimes spacey, and alwaysfungky guitar sounds will keep you guessing and waiting for more.

Inspirations: Jerry Garcia, Miles Davis, The Beatles, David Gilmour, John Scofield, Trey Anastasio, Jimmy Herring.



Jon “Daddy” Scheppis/bass/: Quiet and reserved, yet an undeniable force on the bass, Jon will feed your soul with his low, low jams. You will find yourself grooving into the ground with the deep resonance of the bass, as it expands your mind into cavernous space. In fact, Jon’s intention as a performer is simply to make people dance—a pure intention indeed. In a more intimate way, Jon views music as his outlet for emotional expression, which is evident through his raw style.

Inspirations: Umphrey’s McGee, The Grateful Dead, Phish, Consider the Source, Victor Wooten, Frank Zappa.